There are several prophecies in Ahmadiyya Jama’at/Community literature which are either not (made) known to a large number of members, and/or which are overlooked and not interpreted correctly. I will mention some of these prophecies below. I have translated some of them from Urdu to English myself, and as my Urdu is not even as good as my English, I may have to amend some of the translation later on. One may come across new previously unheard of information when studying these prophecies, and become impatient with my interpretations, but if that happens, please keep this verse in mind:

[Q. 18:68,69] “He said, ‘You can not keep company with me in patience. And how can you be patient about things the knowledge of which you do not comprehend?’”

It seems that the current conflicts in the Ahmadiyya Jama’at started in particular after inappropriate and un-Islamic objections against Hadhrat Khalifatul-Masih III r.a. after an Ahmadi Muslim woman offered herself in marriage to him, the criticisms from men perhaps being out of envy. It is a Sunnah to marry, and it is a ‘fake sufi’ who would not think about following the Qur’an and Sunnah. Is the wife of a Khalifa not of any help to him in carrying out his duties?

So it started off as an ‘Arabic/English’ conflict – and ‘deen’ should be given preference to the ‘dunya’ – and this then led to the rise of cruel ‘Germans’ in authority. It is most likely that he warned on his death bed that the promise of True Khilafat is conditional, but it appears no heed was given to this warning. Those around him at the time can confirm this, or otherwise. If true, then there was a need to emphasise the supreme authority of the Qur’an, and then the Sunnah, at the time, which seems not to have been done, despite the warning given by the sagacious ‘old man’.

[1] The book ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ published by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria states the following (page 13): 

“Agha Muhammad Abdul Aziz Faruqi of Bhadana, Tahsil Gujjar Khan of Rawalpindi District, published a book in 1930 under the title of ‘Kaukab Durri’.

On page 5, he has related the following dream: 

“The sun transformed itself into the shape of bird with four wings. On the front part of the first wing was written “THE LIGHT” and covering a third part of the second wing was written “MAHMUD” and exactly in the middle of the third wing was written “NASIRUDDEEN” and on the fourth wing was written “AHLI BAIT” the people of the house. Underneath the four wings was a yellow sheet and a red sheet. The red sheet fell to the ground and (the) yellow sheet entered into the Sun and became a part of it.” 

The first three (true and rightly guided) Ahmadi Khalifas are indicated in this prophecy by reference to their names (Nuruddin, Mahmud, Nasir), but instead of the fourth caliph, ‘Ahli-Bait’ is mentioned. The ‘Ahli-Bait’ of a Prophet are the people of his spiritual household, i.e. his sincere followers. 

This indicates that the fourth caliph was not a true and rightly guided Khalifa. The Promised Messiah a.s. received the following relevant revelation a few times in 1902 and 1903: 

I will safeguard all those who reside in your (spiritual) house, except those who think highly of themselves out of arrogance.” 

Unfortunately, my experience is that mirza tahir sahib didn’t live up to the teachings of Islam and Ahmadiyyat, and was thus excluded from the Ahli-Bait of the Promised Messiah a.s., something which may become more evident to readers on reflecting over the other prophecies referred to in this article.  

The yellow and red sheets underneath the sun represent persons of the opposite gender kind of ‘under tabligh’, one of them ill (yellow), who is prophesied to enter the Ahmadiyya Movement and then become a practising believer, InshaAllaah, and Allah knows best. I will leave the foremost believing Ahmadi Muslim women in Lajna Ima-illaah to have a consultation before offering their interpretation on this part of the dream, lest it become an interpretation influenced by personal factors if any. Involvement began with a cautious message of prayer to the One God sent after watching on the news in 2003 that she had developed cancer. I later saw in a dream that I had climbed down whilst holding on to a rope and shined a beam of light into her eyes using a torch.

The rope represents the Qur’an, and the message, which was based on an understanding of some verses. The response to the message is not for me to disclose in public, and signs of faith and taqwa are not yet visible, though it’s been almost two decades. What can be seen so far is ‘English’, not ‘Arabic’, making her ‘ready food’ for an ‘English-man’. The poetic verse of Khalifa II r.a. comes to mind that ‘Hoon Jannat ka minar magar, taerae saath laga kar dil, dozakh ka zeena ban ja’oun’ (or words to this or similar effect).

It is only fair to give due regard to those who have fought arrogance during this trial, and have been suffering due to arrogance from many oppressive men who do not appreciate their faith and righteous practices, and need some tarbiyyat, with admirable patience, from much before this trial as well.

The two sheets are associated with someone having a connection with Allaah Ta’aala, as against the ‘moon’, which in this context, would symbolise someone who has no inner spiritual light of his own:

[Q. 36:41] “And for the moon We have appointed stages, till it becomes again like an old dry branch of a palm-tree.”

[2] There is a prophecy of the Promised Messiah a.s., based on divine revelation to him (though the recorded words appear to be his own), which is recorded in Tadhkirah:

“God has informed me there would also be a severe conflict within my Movement, and mischief-makers and those who are slaves of their own passions will become separated, and then God the Most High will wipe out this conflict, but those who deserve to be cut off and have no connection with rectitude, and are mischief-mongers, will become cut off. And (concurrently) there will be a violent uprising in the world, which will be the first uprising. And all the Kings will be embroiled in a severe conflict against one another, and there will be so much bloodshed that the earth will be filled with blood. The subjects of Kings will also be involved in a fearful fight against one another. There will be worldwide ruin and widespread destruction and calamity, and the centre and focal point of all this will be ‘Mulk-e-Shaam’ (i.e. what was known as ‘Greater Syria’, which included modern Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine). … At this time, my Promised Boy will be (there). God has concurred all these circumstances with his presence. After these events, our dispensation will progress, and Sultans will enter our Dispensation.” Tadhkirah, 3rd edition, 2018, p. 1095-1096].


Some Ahmadis suggest that this severe conflict was the ‘Lahori Jama’at’ split which happened in the time of Khalifa-tul-Masih II r.a. in 1914. However, no Sultans entered our Jama’at in his time, so we are necessarily expecting another ‘promised boy/son’ in whose time Sultans (which might refer to Muslim Kings/Leaders) would enter the Ahmadiyya Movement. Hadhrat Khalifa-tul-Masih II r.a. himself said that other ‘Promised Sons’ will appear, some even after centuries, and that someone like him will appear for reform at a time when shirk or idolatry will have become widespread.

Some other prophecies of the Promised Messiah a.s.:

[3] “I do not deny that other than myself, some other “Matheel-e-Masih” [i.e. a like of the Messiah] may be due to come. Infact, I have been made aware that one of them will be from my own progeny. But at this point, my claim, which I have been made to understand by means of revelation, is simply this, that the Qur’an and Ahadith fortell my advent.

I cannot and will not deny, there may be another Promised Messiah, and those prophecies which are applicable to me in a spiritual sense, may be applicable to him in a literal sense, such as the descent of an Allegorical Messiah in Damascus. (Majmua Ishteharat, Vol. 1, pps 207 – 208)”

[4] “…I admit the possibility of another Messiah son of Mary coming after me, and he may even be even be the Promised One in the context of some Ahadith, and a Dajjal [i.e. anti-Christ or False Messiah] may appear to mislead the Muslims. Yet my belief is that so far there has not been any Dajjal like the Christian clergy of these days, nor shall there ever be till the Day of Judgement. … And there is no doubt that these people possess only one eye, which is the left one. If they possessed the right eye as well, they would have refrained from deifying Jesus.”

[Izala Auham, Ruhani Khazain, Vol 3 pp 361-366; Essence of Islam, Vol 3, pp. 289, 291]

[5] “God has informed me that ‘I shall establish for your community one from your progeny and shall honour him with my revelation and with nearness to me. Truth will flourish through him and a large number of people accept it.’ So wait for those days. And you should remember that one is recognised only when one’s time comes. And it is possible that before such a time one may seem an ordinary person; or because of some deceptive thoughts, one may even be regarded as objectionable; as a man who is destined to be a perfect human being, is at one time, only a seed (nutfah) or a thing which attaches (or clings) to the womb (alaqah).”  [Al Wasiyyat, The Will, page 8] 

Mirza Tahir Sahib referred to this prophecy of the Promised Messiah a.s. towards the end of his days, and he requested ahmadis to earnestly pray that Allah would fulfil the prophecy through him, as it is meant to be someone from the seed of the Promised Messiah a.s., and that reading this prophecy had made him restless.

Unfortunately for him, despite his ardent desire to be the subject of this prophecy, he was clearly not the promised one, and ‘seed/progeny’ may be spiritual rather than physical/genetic anyway. Also, the wording indicates that this person would become established by means of revelation from Allah Ta’aala, and not simply elected by other members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at as their caliph.

Let us now turn to the prophecies made in the writings/speeches of Hadrat Khalifat ul Masih II r.a. On 20th February, 1944, while addressing a gathering at Hoshiarpur, Hadhrat Khalifatul-Masih II r.a stated:

[1] “I call to witness the One and Supreme God Who has full control over my life that the dream that I have just described was seen by me exactly as I have put it, except possibly for some slight verbal involuntary inaccuracy. 1 call God Almighty to witness that in a state of vision 1 announced: ‘1 am the Promised Messiah, his reflection and his Khalifa.’ In the same state, under Divine Command, I said: ‘1 am the one for whose appearance the virgins had been waiting for nineteen centuries. ‘ I therefore announce, under Divine command, on oath, that God has appointed me the Promised Son of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, according to his prophecy, who has to convey the name of the Promised Messiah to the ends of the earth.

I do not say that I am the only Promised One and that no other Promised One will appear till the Day of Judgment. It appears from the prophecies of the Promised Messiah that some other Promised Ones will also come and some of them will appear after centuries. Indeed, God has told me that at one time He will send me a second time to the world and I will come for the reform of the world at a time when shirrk (association of partners with God) will have become widespread. This means that my soul will, at some time, descend upon someone who will possess faculties and capacities like mine and he will, following in my footsteps, bring about a reform of the world. Thus, promised ones will appear in their due times according to the promise of God Almighty.

What I wish to say today is that the prophecy of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, which was revealed to him at Hoshiarpur in the building in front of us, in which he announced in this city and concerning which he said that the Promised Son would be born within nine years, has been fulfilled in my person, and no one else can claim that he is the subject of the prophecy.” (Alfazl, 24th February, 1944)

So, whilst Ahmadis have focussed on how the various aspects of the prophecy of the Promised Son have been fulfilled in Khalifa II r.a., he himself prophesied about other Promised Sons, with himself being the first (and only literal) Promised Son, the one who was to be born within 9 years. In fact, Khalifa II r.a. may just fulfil that part of the prophecy that the Promised Messiah a.s. will be bestowed an intelligent youth who would be of his own (physical) seed. The other Promised Sons would be spiritual sons, and may not even be physically related to the Promised Messiah a.s. in any way, which makes perfect sense, as his message is meant to be spiritual, and for the entire world, and the blessings thereof are not restricted or confined to his genetic progeny. So, future Promised Sons could be Africans, Europeans, Arabs, Chinese, or other Indians/Pakistanis etc., and only time will tell. And even if the prophecy states that such a person would be of the seed of the Promised Messiah a.s., this could also be understood in the sense of spiritual progeny, i.e. his true and sincere followers.

[2] There is a dream of Khalifa II r.a. containing a prophecy about a future Promised Son who encounters deviant/corrupt Ahmadis in authority who would mislead the members of the Jama’at. The dreams, visions and revelations of Khalifa II r.a. are recorded in an Urdu book entitled ‘Ro’ya Kushuf Syeddina Mahmud’ which has not yet been translated into English. The translation of the dream below is my own.

Dream 384, March 1946

“I saw that I am mounted on a horse. Six or seven other men are also mounted on horses, and they appear to be generals who command an Ahmadi force. But it appears that they have deviated from the right path, and have gone far away from the ways on which I had set the Community, and are misleading the Jama’at along the wrong way. I admonish them, and they have recognised me, but they are displeased with my interference. (It ‘seems as though’ this is some future era after some centuries; as though I have been raised to life again and have returned to earth a second time). They have launched an attack on me in the course of this debate, and wish to murder me so that people should not come to know of my teaching, and how they have misled the people the wrong way.

I have a very long sword with me at this time, which is about twice or thrice the length of a normal one, and which I am wielding with great ease. All of us are heading towards a particular direction whilst fighting on horseback, and even though they are many, I am opposing them very well, and I have made many effective strikes on their shoulders. A few minor and superficial impression marks have also been made on my body (from their attempts to hit me), but I have not been hurt by them.

We reach near a house in the course of such fighting, and we dismount from our horses and enter it. There appears to be one division of the Ahmadi forces stood outside this house. I again started to explain and admonish them upon reaching this house, and told them that the interpretation of Islam which they were doing was not right; and that they have gone far away from the path that I had set them on, and because Allah the Most High has given me the authority to interpret, their attitude is not right, and that they should pay more attention to it.

But the entire speech of mine has no effect upon them at all, and they are remain stubborn and obstinate. And it appears that they feel their leadership would be put in peril if they were to accept my point of view, and this is why they are being so stubborn. Instead, they wish that since they have already taken the Jama’at along an innovative path, I too should agree with them and testify to it as though it was right.

When I became tired of admonishing them, I opened a door which opens out to the courtyard, and is in an opposite direction to where the people were sitting, and went out with the intention of addressing the Jama’at myself. When I opened this door, they hurriedly opened the door on their side, and instructed the army stood outside to murder me. When I opened the door and went outside, I saw that the house was set above ground level, such that one has to descend 4 or 5 steps to reach the courtyard. And along the steps is a screen wall, beside which the army is standing in rows, and their bodies up to their chests are visible from the wall, and they are fully armed.

When I go out, it appears as though three or four people are also with me. I descend one or two steps and face the army. At this time, the row of soldiers by the wall face me, and they wish to launch an attack on me upon the instructions of the generals. At this time, I expose my chest, and facing them, say. O Soldiers, I am your real Commander (I think in the dream that since I have returned to the world a second time, I should introduce myself to them, so that they should know who I am); would you dare attack your own Commander (It should be noted that ‘Commander’ is an English word that is used in the Urdu wording of the dream, and my understanding is that English is a language that relates to worldly matters in dream. Thus, to manage the world-related affairs of a Spiritual Community, someone has to be in charge, and it is much better for this to be someone who does his best to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah, rather than those who deviate and wage war against divine commands, and mislead the members. In any case, obedience still remains conditional as per Islamic principles. And Allah knows best).

At this, the soldiers become somewhat perplexed and confused, and hesitate to attack, but from the other side, their generals would repeatedly incite them. Then I said to two or three of my companions to raise the slogan of Takbir. They raised the slogans of Takbir, but due to the large crowd of forces, and the hum of their voices, no echo resulted from their slogans.

Nevertheless, some people were influenced, so I said to them: Soldiers, I am your Commander. It is your duty to obey me and follow me. Thereupon, I saw signs of recognition and compliance on some more faces, and I said to them to raise the slogan of Takbir in a loud voice. And then, contrary to my own habit, I shouted Allahu Akbar in an extremely loud voice. When I raised this slogan, it was as though the hearts of the entire force were shaken, and all of them said Allahu Akbar in a manner that sounded like the noise of thunder-claps.

The entire atmosphere became filled with the echoing slogans of Takbir. Then I said to them, follow me, and began walking ahead; whereupon I saw the entire army following behind me in an orderly line. At this time, their youth and vigour appears to be in full strength. The heavy pounding of their enthusiastic footsteps appear to shake the entire earth. And a strange rhythm appeared to arise from the sound of their footsteps following me, amidst the total silence on earth. I walked ahead along the road, taking them along with me.

This road bends around, past a hillock, and I saw at this point that there is a crowd of many people in a large room, which is at a height of about 2-3 storeys above ground level. They too are members of the Ahmadi army, and it is as though they too are awaiting the outcome of this dispute. One of my companions ran up and started to explain to their officer who is standing at the door, that he is the Commander of the Community; and that he has taken over the command due to the error of the generals, and it is as though he has returned to the world a second time. I recognised this person immediately as Chaudhry Mawla Bakhsh Sahib (Deceased) Sialkoti (father of Dr.  Major Shahnawaz Sahib), and he says to my companion that if this is indeed right, then why were we not informed previously.

I instructed my companion to desist, and said to Chaudhry Sahib that I am the Officer (in charge). It is for me to decide when and how to inform (I give a brief answer at this time, so as to avoid the details of the dispute with the generals). Then I said that I am going over to Sialkot; there are some friends of ours there, and you too should join with them. Chaudhry Sahib (Deceased) immediately expressed his ready compliance, and told the forces stationed in the room to move. Then I followed the force which was with me, whom I had instructed to keep moving whilst this conversation was taking place. At this time, I saw that another force has also joined me, and I am walking between the previous and new force, as I continue to await the [friendly] force from Sialkot.

At this time, I think in my heart that the ability to do away with the fitnah [mischief] and fassad [disorder], and become safeguarded from it, is contained within this Sialkoti Ahmadi force which is in Sialkot. And that when I reach there, I will be able to do away with this mischief and disorder with their help and assistance.

(In the other dream I had about my return to the world a second time, I think that it is an event taking place after 127 years. This may be 127 years after the demise of the Promised Messiah a.s., either of the Islamic or Christian calendar. The interpretation is not very clear. Allah the Most High will make it clear at the right time).”

[In my view, though there has indeed been deviation at 127 years, whether taken to be solar or lunar, the real significance is Sura 12 verse 7, which is a statement made by the Prophet Jacob a.s. to his dear son Joseph a.s., viz:

“And thus your Lord will choose you and teach you the interpretation of things, and perfect His favour upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He perfected it upon two of your forefathers – Abraham and Isaac. Verily, your Lord is All-Knowing, Wise.”

I saw two dreams around 1985/86 in the Birmingham Ahmadiyya mission house, where I had gone to attend a meeting of a Tabligh cell which Rafiq Hayat sahib had formed for the purpose of doing Tabligh to the people of UK. The first dream was a disturbing one, such that I woke up due to it. Then immediately after I slept again, I saw a dream that I had a beard, and there was peace. I asked the missionary there as regards what it meant to have a beard in a dream. He said it means I should keep one, which didn’t quite sound right, though there is some truth in it. I mentioned it to my mother, who related this dream to mirza Tahir sahib, who seemed to be reasonably affable in those days, and he replied that it actually means ‘buzurgi’, i.e. spiritual status.

When the hostilities began around June 1990, and I heard the sermon in which he started it, it was whilst en route to Birmingham, so I realised when we reached Birmingham mission house that the disturbing dream has been fulfilled. I was in distress at the time, as he was alluding to statements I had made in the interpretation of verses I had sent him, and using them against me, alleging arrogance on my part, rather than on his own. It was the ‘aqeeqah’ of the new-born son of a missionary I have known for a long time, as he was also in Nigeria, and his affable young daughter was trying to converse with me as I was pacing outside the mission house, but being in a state of shock, I wasn’t able to respond to her properly, and could only utter a few words to her, if any. It felt like he wanted to kill me. I have seen her a few times after this, but was previously unable to explain to her or her parents why I was not reciprocating her friendliness. This was most probably what was shown in another dream that a van ran over me, and I want to scream, but have no voice.

[3] Now, let us turn to a fairly long but very interesting dream which Khalifa II r.a. saw in 1944, after which he claimed that he was the Promised Son who was to be born within nine years, and I have already mentioned this statement of his under item [1] above. I see this dream as a prophecy of decline within the Ahmadiyyat Jama’at. I have added my own comments/understanding on aspects of the dream in brackets.

An English rendering of Dream 253 (January 1944):

“I saw that I am at a place where there is a war taking place (war indicates conflict, which appears to be taking place between members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at in the case of this dream). There are some war related structures there, perhaps ditches or trenches. There are some people there concerning whom I am not sure whether they belong to our Community or I am with them because I am somehow connected with them. Suddenly, it appears that the German army (i.e. a group of people in the Jama’at characterised by arrogance) which is in a battle with the army I am with, has realised that I am there, and has launched an attack on this place. The assault is so severe that the army of that place began to retreat.

Whether it was the British army or the American army or some other army, I had no thought about this at the time. In any case, whichever army it was, it had to yield, and they left their position and fell back. When that army gave way, the Germans entered the building I was in. Then I said within the dream that it is not right to remain at the enemy station, and it is no longer appropriate to stay here. We should flee from here (this seems to indicate that the Promised Son would begin to disassociate himself from the corrupt ahmadi leadership and nizam).

At this time in the dream, not only do I walk away rapidly, but I began running. There are some others (i.e. other Ahmadis who are also at odds with the arrogance of the nizam) who are also running along with me. When I start running, it appears to me that I am running faster than normal human strength allows, and an extremely powerful force is carrying me along, such that I traverse numerous miles in an instant.

At this time, my companions have also been bestowed similar powers. Nevertheless they lag far behind me, and it is I that the German soldiers (i.e. arrogant officials) are pursuing to capture. Perhaps not even a minute passes that it appears to me in the vision that the German soldiers have been left far behind. But I continue running, and it appears as though the earth is contracting beneath my feet, until I reach a certain area which may be termed the foot of a mountain (i.e. an arrogant leader/chief).

Now, when the German army attacked, I recalled in the vision that there is a prophecy of a previous prophet (i.e. prophecies about the latter days in the ahadith, e.g. those recorded in Riyadh us Saliheen – specifically about the Dajjal or anti-Christ and his persecution of a believer, which is stated elsewhere in the Hadith to be the greatest fitnah or trial since the creation of Adam till the Day of Judgement – I wrote an article on the Dajjal in ~1994 after the exaggerated new bai’at claims started to be made by mirza tahir sahib, and gave it to basit ahmad sahib to publish it in the Review of Religions magazine, but he did not do so.), or perhaps it is my own prophecy, in which this incident has been foretold, and the entire scene was depicted, that the Promised One would run away from this place in a certain manner, and he would then go to a particular place. So, the place where I reach in the dream, is in accordance with this previous prophecy, and I realise that in the prophecy, there is also a mention that there is a particular way I would adopt as a result of which there will be very important changes in the world, and the enemy will fail to catch hold of me. When I think of this, there appear before me several tracks (i.e. possible options/choices) in this place, all heading in different directions. I run alongside these tracks in the dream so as to ascertain which tracks I ought to take as per the prophecy, and in my heart I do not know which track I ought to adopt, and I do not know which route is in accordance with Divine prophecy. I am worried lest I adopt the wrong route by mistake which is not mentioned in the prophecy.

At this point, I am heading towards the track which is at the far right (i.e. supplication for guidance) I then see at some distance away from me, there is another companion of mine, who calls to me and says, ‘do not take this track, adopt the other track’. Taking his advice, I turn back to head towards the other track), which is on the far left. I was on the far right, and he was calling me to the far left, but when I turned back towards that way, it appeared I was under the control of another higher power (i.e. an official connected with the corrupt and arrogant nizam), which has taken hold of me and forced me down a track in the middle. My companion keeps calling to me time and again not to go down that track, but I find myself totally helpless in the matter (i.e. bound to comply with the official of the nizam under the circumstances), and have to keep running along this middle track.

A little further along the track, I began to perceive the signs mentioned in the Divine prophecy, and I say that I have come down the track which God Almighty had foretold. At this point in the dream, I ponder over the implication of my taking the middle track. Hence, when I woke up from the vision, it occurred to me that as regards the right and left tracks seen in the dream, the left track symbolises purely worldly efforts and plans, whilst the right track symbolises purely religious methods, i.e. prayer and worship etc.

And Allah Almighty has informed me that our community will progress by walking along the middle path, i.e. through some planning and human efforts, along with some prayers and some destinies. And then this also occurred to me that the Qur’an has described the Community of Muhammad [pbuh] as an “Ummatan Wasata” [i.e People of the Middle Way, Q. 2:143]. Thus, the meaning of traversing the middle path is that this Community will be a perfect embodiment of Islam, and the little track means that though it is the right way, there will be some difficulties.

Thus I began to walk down this track, and I became aware that the enemy was left very far behind, such that there is no sound of his footsteps, nor is there any possibility of his arrival. However, the footsteps of my companions also continue to weaken, and they too are left far behind, but I continue running, and the earth continues to contract beneath my feet.

At this time, I say that in the prophecy about this event, it was foretold that some water would appear, which would be extremely difficult to cross over. I continue along the path, but at the same time, I say: ‘where is that water?’ When I said this, I suddenly saw that I was standing at the edge of a very large lake (i.e. a stagnant, corrupt religious nizam), and I think that to traverse this lake is essential according to the prophecy.

I saw some things floating on the lake, which were long like snakes (i.e. satanic enmity), and were made up of such fine and delicate material like the nests of birds are made of very fine straw. They were rounded at the top like the rear end of a python (i.e. satanic enmity), and the colours are like that of some bird-nests, a mixture between white (in this case, it appears to refer to an underlying unIslamic favouritism for the physically fair complexioned), yellow (i.e. spiritual diseases), and light-brown (i.e. a displeasing and unpleasant attitude). They are afloat on the water and some people (i.e. officials of the corrupt nizam) are riding upon them and moving them along.

In the dream, I think of them as idolators, and the things upon which they are riding as their idols, and that once every year, they wash their idols (lie about numbers of new bai’ats), and they are now taking their idols for the annual wash (jalsa salana) at their designated landing-place. When I saw nothing else to help take me across the lake (i.e. a corrupt, ‘God-forsaken’ nizam), I jumped firmly upon one of the idols. Upon this, I heard the idolators (e.g. Amure-Aama secretary, after informing me in ~2002 that the decision of Qadha Rabwah had been revoked by mirza tahir sahib – this was on the basis of a glaring lie that the appeal to them was not on time, though both the nazims of qadha board in UK and Rabwah insisted that it was on time. When I decided it was best to start paying the money demanded, I saw a dream that I was walking alone along a dirt track in a field when suddenly a mud embankment appeared in front of me blocking the route. I turned around to look behind me and saw mirza tahir sahib, his private secretary munir javed sahib, abdul majid tahir sahib, and another man whose face was not shown, perhaps my worldly father, all walking in haste behind me to catch hold of me. I turned around and climbed up the mud embankment and they were left looking at one another’s faces). vociferously affirming their idolatrous beliefs (ugly dajjali words of exceeding arrogance due to blind faith in the un-Islamic corruptions and unconditional obedience to the falsehoods of a tyrannical mis-leader) through some spells and charms.

At this, I said in my heart, that to remain silent at this time would be against honour and dignity (i.e. ghairat), and I very vociferously started to invite these people to Tawhid (i.e. Divine Unity), and started to speak out against the evils of Shirrk (idolatry).

During my speech, I came to realise (came across this very recorded prophecy for the first time in ~2002) that my tongue is not Urdu, but Arabic. Thus, I am speaking in the Arabic language (i.e. in accordance with the message/teaching of the Qur’an & Sunnah), and am speaking very forcefully. Within the dream itself, it occurred to me that these people’s tongue is not Arabic (i.e. it is un-Islamic), how then will they understand my talk. But I feel that though their tongue is a different one (i.e. anti- and non-Qur’anic), they still fully understand my utterances. Hence, I am speaking in this manner before them in Arabic, and whilst speaking, I vociferously say to them that these idols of yours will be drowned in this very water, and the (spiritual) Kingdom of the One God (i.e. where only God Almighty is to be obeyed unconditionally) will become firmly established on earth.

I was still speaking when I realised that either the person on the boat-shaped idol upon which I was, or the person beside him, has given up on idolatry and has believed in my talk, becoming a Monotheist. After this, influence started to grow, and after the first one, the second, and after him, the third, and after him, the fourth, and after him, the fifth person, has believed in my talk, discarding idolatrous beliefs, and continues to turn into a Muslim. Upon this, we crossed the lake and reached the other side.

When we reached the other side of the lake, I instruct them to drown the idols in the water as mentioned in the prophecy. Upon this, those people who have become Monotheist, along with those who, though they have not yet become Monotheist, but have lost their rigidity, go in front of me and acting upon my instruction, drown their idols within the lake. And I am surprised within the dream that these are made up of some floating material, so how is it that they have so easily sunk to the bottom of the lake. All the idolators did was to take hold of them and plunge them into the lake, and they sink to the base of the lake.

After this, I stood upright, and continued my tabligh to them. Some people had already believed, but the rest of the people, who were on the sea-shore, had not yet believed, hence I started to do tabligh to them. This tabligh I do to them in the Arabic language. As I was doing tabligh to them so that the rest of the people may also believe, there is a sudden alteration in my condition, and it appears to me that it is not I who is speaking, but words are being uttered by means of revelation from Allah upon my tongue, as it was in Khutbah Ilhamiyyah (i.e. the Revealed Sermon) which was delivered upon the tongue of the Promised Messiah a.s. from Allah the Most High.

Hence, my own speech ceases, and God the Most High begins to speak by means of my tongue. During my talk, I vociferously say to someone who was probably the first person to believe (I say probably because I am not sure; either he was the first one, or the most influential and beneficial person amongst them, and I have given him the Islamic name of Abdul-Shakoor (i.e. Servant of the Appreciating one) that,

‘I will now proceed ahead in accordance with the prophecies, so, O Abdul-Shakoor, I appoint you as my deputy amongst these people, and it will be your duty to establish Tawheed (Monotheism) in your people, and wipe out the idolatry, and it will be your obligation to establish these people upon Islamic teachings, and upon my return I will evaluate the extent to which you have fulfilled this task‘.

After this, the ‘ilhaami haalat’ (i.e. state of being under the control of Divine revelation) continues, and I draw his attention to the important aspects of Islamic teachings, and tell him that ‘it will be your duty to explain to these people that Allah is One, and Muhammad s.a.w. is His servant and Messenger.’ I recite the Kalima (Islamic Creed) and instruct him to teach it (to the people). And then I persuade him to invite all the people to belief in the Promised Messiah a.s., and upon practising his teachings.

As I am delivering this (revealed) speech, it appears as though Allah has enabled Muhammad s.a.w. to speak through my tongue, and he (saw) says, ‘Ana Muhammadun ‘Abduhu Wa Rasouluh’, i.e. I am Muhammad, His Servant and His Messenger’. And then the same happens upon the mention of the Promised Messiah a.s. and he says, ‘Anal Maseehil Ma’oud’, i.e. I am the Promised Messiah’. After this, I point towards myself and say that, ‘Wa anal Maseehil Ma’oud, Matheeluhu wa Khalifatuhu’, i.e. I am the Promised Messiah, his reflection and his Khalifa’. Then within the dream itself, I am in a state similar to that of someone who is shaken, and I say to myself, ‘what is it that has proceeded from my tongue, and what does it mean that I am the Promised Messiah?’

At this time, it occurred to me that the words ‘matheelu hu’, i.e. I am a reflection of him, and am his Khalifa, resolve these words, and there is a revelation to the Promised Messiah a.s. that ‘he will be like you in (spiritual) beauty and kindness’, and these words were uttered by my tongue so as to fulfil this revelation, and it means that by virtue of being his reflection and his Khalifa, in a sense, I am also the Promised Messiah, because the one who is like another absorbs his characteristics, and he becomes deserving of acquiring his name in a sense.

Then I say, continuing my speech, ‘I am the One for whose advent the virgins (i.e. those who were guarded themselves from satanic incitements) were waiting at the edge of this sea for 19 centuries’, and when I say this, I saw that a few youthful women (i.e. believers) clad in clean clothes (i.e. pure thoughts) run towards me and say ‘Assalaamu ‘alaikum’ to me, and a few of them, in order to acquire (spiritual) blessings from them, pass their hands upon my clothes (thoughts, ideas, views), and affirm, ‘Yes, we testify that we were waiting for you for 1900 years.’ After this, I affirm that ‘I am the one who was filled with the knowledge of Islam, and the knowledge of Arabic, and the philosophy of this language, in the lap of mother (i.e. Holy Qur’an 3:4-6), along with milk (i.e. Sunnah of the Noble Prophet, Muhammad-e-Arabi s.a.).

In the dream, my attention was drawn to a previous prophecy, it was also related that when the Promised One will run, he will come across a region where there will be a lake, and when he will cross over this lake and go over to the other side, there will be a people there to whom he will do tabligh, and they will become Muslims under the influence of his tabligh. Then the enemy from whom the Promised One will have run, will make a demand from those people that ‘this person should be handed over to us’. But they will reject this demand, and will say that, ‘we will fight and die, but we will not hand him over to you’. Hence, this happens in the dream, the German people (arrogant authoritarian tyrants) demands from them to ‘hand him over to us’. At this time, I say (to myself) in the dream, that these people are so few, and the enemies are so many, but these people, even though a large part of them have not yet believed, vociferously announce that ‘we are certainly not prepared to hand him over to you, we will fight and die, but we will never accept this demand of yours’, and then I say, ‘see, this prophecy has also been fulfilled’.

After this, I give them further guidance, and repeatedly emphasise belief in Tawheed, and persuade them to live in accordance with the teachings of Islam, and proceed to another destination. At this time, I think that the other persons of this people are soon to believe. Hence I say to this person whom I have appointed as my Deputy/Khalifa amongst these people, that ‘when I return, I will see, O Abdul-Shakoor, that your people have discarded idolatry, and have conformed to all the instructions of Islam‘.

This is the dream I saw … And when I woke up, I was very worried, because it appeared to me that I had completely forgotten the Urdu language (there is more of an emphasis on obedience and respect for elders/leaders in Pakistani culture than in true Islamic teaching, in which obedience is conditional), and only understand Arabic now. Hence, for an hour or so thereafter, I kept pondering over this dream, and all my thoughts and questions and answers on it in my heart, were in the Arabic language (i.e. in accordance with the Holy Qur’an).”

NB: The Promised Messiah a.s. wrote that falsehood is a form of shirrk/idolatry. 

[4] The dream below depicts an ahmadi leader/caliph as Hitler. It may initially appear to be shocking, but in the lengthy dream above, corrupt ahmadis are depicted as Germans (i.e. Nazi-like people), so it follows that their leader be depicted as Hitler.  

Dream 341 (Jan 1945): 

“In 1945, I saw that hitler had come to our house. First, I learnt that hitler is in Qadian (December 1991) and has gone to Masjid Aqsa. I sent a man towards him and said to him to call him over. Hence, he called him over. I sat him upon a bed, and sat infront of him myself. I saw that he was sitting there without any formality, and the women of our house are also sitting there infront of him, and I was wondering why the women (i.e. ahmadi believers) had not done any purdah from him (Incidentally, a caliph is not in the position of a physical father in the presence of whom a non-mahram woman does not have to do ‘hijab’ or ‘purdah’.

Believing men and women disclosing private matters to him in person during meetings with him in his office, or through letters which are read by other persons, or him laughing out loudly in the company of non-mahram women in his office, is a violation of the Islamic principles of modesty and dignity, even if a misguided caliph were to indulge himself in this sort of behaviour, and encourage others to become lax with him). Then it occurred to me that since hitler is an ahmadi and has become my son (saying that Allah knows best what the conditions of the world would be at the time when another Khalifa would come to visit Qadian), the women of our house don’t do any purdah from him.

Then I prayed for him, saying O Allah protect him and grant him progress. Then I said it is now time, let me escort him outside, which I did. I was still walking with him and thinking that I have prayed for his progress, and we are subordinate to the British, whilst he is at war (This refers to a quarrel with David Mellor, a British MP for Putney, London) with them, what is this that I have done? Then it occurred to me that that Hitler was a christian, whereas this hitler has become an ahmadi, so there is nothing to be lost in praying for him.”

[5] This dream contains a prophecy about some ahmadis deviating to the extent of becoming enemies of the Promised Messiah a.s. (and/or someone representing him) The ‘Prince’ referred to in the dream may represent the Holy Prophet s.a., and the Guardian may represent a Promised Son. And Allah knows best.

Dream 11 (March 1907): 

“I saw a copy of the revelations of the Promised Messiah a.s., and these words were written in bold:

‘Asaa an takrahou shay-an wa huwa khayrullakun’,

i.e. It may be that you dislike something, whilst it may be better for you. (I used to give love and respect, and give preference, to the khandaan of the Promised Messiah a.s., and didn’t properly consider others for myself in my youth, for reasons which are recorded, and I can explain, but this gradually began to wear off after 1988. This seems to indicate that they have knowingly opposed and waged war against the Divine command, or at least some of them have known, and another dream of Khalifa II r.a. states that ‘my illness was due to the hidden effort of the enemy’.

It is obvious that severe hostility, enmity and loss of friendly relations, a ‘German’ attitude within the home for the greater part of 3 decades, as they have been due-hard supporters of the misguided caliphs, and have promoted their erroneous ideas, leads to isolation, and this has an effect on his mind, for as they say ‘no man is an island’. Blocking of any potential marital match by the nizam or its adherents, leading to a boycott of ‘food and water’ has, in practice, been the reality. It has been a ‘life of pain’, with at least one parent being active in manifesting the ‘German’ attitude from the beginning, and the other a mental slave of the caliph.

And I was surrounded by superficial persons in personal life even before the ‘Germans’ attacked, people lacking in taqwa, and can give details when more appropriate. Once, a few years ago, when I found my mother crying because she had been severely hurt by her husbands callous words, I gave her a side hug to show my sympathy with her, to say that I was on her side, and she burst out crying louder. That same night the Promised Messiah a.s. came to me in a dream and gave me a side hug in the exact same way.

If women are looked down upon and generally referred to as ‘tum’, so was I. If women are not listened to, I too was silenced and my admonitions ignored by ‘big men’. Hence I have brought verses of the Qur’an to prove the arrogant ‘big men’ wrong, and encourage women to do likewise. So, it is easy for me to understand how it feels when one is belittled and repeatedly abused by ‘big men’ in authority.

When I was a teenager away from the family home, a woman winked at me in private when we were alone together in the house, again ‘ready food’ for an ‘Englishman’. I ignored her wink as if nothing had happened, and kept it to myself, even though she subsequently kept wronging her soul to try to cover up her misdeed and/or vent her frustration and anger out of pride. Then I could just about hear that she was backbiting and/or slandering me downstairs, so I came down and requested that the discussion concerning me be completed in my presence.

A dear Aunty, daughter of Ghulam Haider Khokhar Sahib (Marhoom), may Allah Ta’aala have mercy on him and exalt his status, and that of his wife, in Jannah, who I sometimes used to visit after school, very kindly gave me the 5 volume commentary of the Holy Qur’an, which I subsequently studied in detail in those days, before going to university, should be able to give some details about the circumstances in those days, whatever she considers to be appropriate.

And though there has been more emphasis in the Ahmadiyya Jama’at on correctly understanding the message of the Qur’an than there has been on tajweed, tajweed is not unimportant, and has been given some attention in the Jama’at over the last ~15 years, which is one good thing. However, we need to continue to improve in our understanding and ‘recitation’ of the ‘message’ of the Qur’an.

As for my dear Aunty in Birmingham, previously in Leeds, the eyes become wet when I think about what has been done to her, probably due to the fiqh relating to women having been formulated by male scholars.

Believing women and men should work together to resolve these matters, leaving aside the hypocrites, and bring about justice and peace.)

Then the scene changed and I saw that there was a riot against the Guardian of a Mosque, and I am having a dialogue with one of the rioters. After some talk, I run away from him and say:

If I were to join with you, the Prince will become upset with me.

(This suggests that the rioters will be violating the Sunnah of the Noble Prophet Muhammad s.a.) In the meantime, a fair complexioned person (i.e. a true believer) came and said to me that there are three degrees of people who are associated with the mosque:

[1] those who only pray there, and these people are also good;

[2] those who become involved with the administration of the mosque;

[3] the Guardian.

I related this dream to my respected father, upon which he became extremely anxious, saying that a mosque means a Jama’at, so perhaps my own Jama’at will become my enemies.” 

There are some other relevant prophecies as well. All these prophecies, along with what we see before us with regards to the current state of the Nizam of the Jama’at, calls for earnest prayers to Allah Ta’aala for our own right guidance.

May Allaah Ta’aala save us from those who deviate and mislead, and increase us all in right guidance, Ameen.

Dream 603, May 1955:

“I saw a foreign person, either Egyptian or European, who asks me about Ahmadiyyat or Islam, and I wish to tell him that there have been noble ones in Islam even before Hadhrat Masih-al-Ma’oud a.s. who were the recipients of visions, dreams, and revelations. There is a boy of our family standing beside us at the time. I tell him that he is a descendant of Khawaja Mir Dar Sahib. I could tell from his face that he is wondering who Khawaja Mir Dard Sahib was. I tell him that Khawaja Mir Dard Sahib was a Muslim saint who was very God-fearing and self-restraining. His father was a worker in the King’s army. He once went with his father to meet the King, who liked him very much, and said to his father to bring him one day and he will give him a lofty position [not precisely the same, but there is a similar event in his life history].

Khawaja Mir Dard Sahib said to the King that I wish to serve God the Most High, upon which the King, who was a pious-hearted man, said to his father not to trouble the child, for he says he wishes to serve God the Most High, so let him walk along his own path [if I am enabled, I will one day, insha’allah, publish the actual account from the book]. When Khawaja Mir Dard Sahib returned home, upon thinking that his father was about to entangle him in the world, he entered a room of the house and wept much, and wept so profusely that it drew the mercy of Allah the Most High and imbibed the love of the Messenger of Allah. He then fell asleep and saw the Noble Messenger [pbuh] who said to him ‘Mir Dard, get up I will teach you the ‘Tareeqa Naasriya’ which will prevail over every other way and will persist till the day of judgement, and will eventually merge with the way of the Mahdi of the latter days.

Thus, in accordance with the prophecy of about 100 years, and has been published in the books, Hazrat [Ammajaan] was born and, was then wed to Hadhrat Masih-al-Maoud a.s. In this way, the prophecy that was made through the mouth of Khawaja Mir Dard Sahib by the Noble Messenger [pbuh], one part of it was fulfilled by means of Hadhrat Ammajaan, and from her womb and from the progeny of the Mahdi of the Latter Days, I was born, and the second part of the prophecy of the Noble Messenger [pbuh] was fulfilled through me. Thus I am a sign of Allah Ta’aala also because of this prophecy. I saw that there were signs of amazement and wonderment on the face of the egyptian or european upon my discourse, and it was as though he realised that in Islam there is a lengthy chain of covert revelations, ongoing for hundreds of years, and does not end, and the signs of Allah Ta’aala continuously manifest themselves in it’s support.”

It was around 1982/83 when my mother told me to go to help her so-called husband with something, but when I went there and offered my help, he began shouting angrily at me for no apparent reason, so I walked away. I was shaken and upset by his cruel behaviour and went to my room and opened the Holy Qur’an somewhere in the middle, and started reading from what happened to be the start of Surah Yusuf. I was already close to tears anyway, and wept profusely at how the brothers of Yusuf a.s. mistreated their own innocent brother.

Then I read the ‘Life of Muhammad’ s.a., which reminded me of the motto introduced by Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad r.a., i.e. ‘love for all, hatred for none’. The ‘King’, who was the missionary in charge in Nigeria at the time, also advised me that the Promised Messiah a.s. stated that it was a form of ‘shirrk’ to hit children, who should be treated with kindness. This loving attitude was completely different to the harsh attitude and arrogant conduct of my mothers supposed husband however, and I adopted the Qur’an and Sunnah as my guide, along with keeping the motto of ‘love for all, hatred for none’ at the forefront of my mind. Hadhrat Ammajaan in this dream refers to a non-Ahmadi muslim girl who seemed to have developed a liking for me, and wanted to converse in school in those days, but I hastily walked away when I saw her come towards me smiling.

Also, I had started to admonish my brother to offer his salaah, but stopped doing so and began repenting after he related that he saw the Promised Messiah a.s. in a dream urging him to offer his numaaz i.e. salaah, thinking that he had been favoured to see the Promised Messiah a.s. in a dream, whilst I had never seen him in a dream.

[Q. 19:77] Allah increases in guidance those who follow the guidance.

[Q. 20:48] Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.